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It consists of the List of tenants who pays the rent to use a building. It have the date when the Tenancy starts and When the tenancy Ends.

The Contract is based upon a Commercial type or Residential type. The Commercial refers to hospitals, assembly plants, storage warehouses, shopping centres, office spaces, or any other location for a business enterprise. Whereas, Residential properties are exclusively used for private living quarters.

It can also have the Detailed information about the Tenant such as Contact Number, Number of the Flat, Exact location of the flat and Mail ID of the tenant, Specific Name of the Building.

In the Search Box Where can easily Find the all Tenant information Either can type their name or flat number.

It also used to print the receipt of tenant which is sent out after a tenant pays their rent invoice. A Tenant receipt is most commonly useThe View option shows the detailed information about the tenants such as the contact number, number of the passport, expiry date of the passport and Visa also with some Information. You can see the building information having the name of the Building, number of the Flat and also the info of the Floor.

It consists of the contract details of a tenancy and the recorded key things that a landlord and a tenant have agreed to about the tenancy about the Rent Amount, Type of the VAT, Charges of the Parking, The amount which the tenant Deposit, the type of Deposit which Received as cheque or cash.

The clearing denotes all activities from the time a commitment is made for a transaction until it is settled where it also have the how they paid the payment, Details of Bank and Cheque Number, Date of Deposit, Bank which they Deposit , Receipt Date with amount paid details.

It also have the details of the payments which is un cleared where the cheque has been written and recorded in the tenant’s records, but the cheque has not yet been paid by the bank on which it is drawn along with the date they processed the cheque and the bank details. You have the list of cheques which is returned.

It contains the tenant’s payment history is designed to be a concise overview of a throughout their tenancy with the total rent amount, Amount in balance. This feature will include the ability to generate a summary of rent payments.

Finally, it also have the option of printing the overview information of the tenant for any verification purpose.

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