VAT Report

This will be arrived at, after adjusting the Output Tax with Recoverable Input Tax. If output VAT is higher than input VAT, it will result in VAT Payable. Otherwise, it will be VAT refundable which can be carried forward to next return period or can be claimed as a refund.

The above is the some of the mandatory details which need to be furnished in the VAT return form. Apart from the above mandatory details which is applicable for most of the businesses in UAE.

The VAT returns are required to be filed electronically i.e. the businesses are required to prepare the return in the prescribed format and manually keen the values in FTA portal. It is a must for businesses to have a software which will not only help the business to account for VAT but also helps the businesses to generate the valid VAT return forms in the format which is accepted by FTA.

VAT Return Form

The registered businesses in UAE are required to file online VAT return. The VAT return form in UAE is expected to be at summary level. This means, the registered businesses are required to submit the consolidated details of supplies such as total sales, total purchases, output VAT, input VAT and tax payable.

Though the details are at consolidated level, the businesses are required to classify the supplies into the following categories:

  • Standard rated
  • Zero rate Supplies
  • Exempt Supplies
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