The receipts are a way for the Building owner to keep track of all rent payments and it acknowledges that has received payment for rent.

The Specific Function on the Receipts in that you can clear the Whole cheque on the monthly basis of many buildings at a time.

The View option shows the detailed information about the building having the name of the Building, number of the Flat and also the info of the Floor.

It may also include of the date of Receipt that a proper invoice it could be the date of a document that verifies when payment was received.

It contains the date when the payment has been done, the information about mode of payment whether it was a cash or cheque.

It can also have the Amount paid. In that it have the details of the payments whether is uncleared where the cheque has been written and recorded in the tenant’s records, but the cheque has not yet been paid by the bank on which it is drawn along with the date they processed the cheque and the bank details or else cleared to the account.

It also consists of the routing transit number is a nine-digit number used to identify a bank when clearing funds or processing cheque.

In the Search Box Where You can easily Find the all Individual Receipts information Either you can type their name of the Building or Tenant.

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